SICM is committed to addressing the issue of food insecurity in Schenectady.  Food insecurity occurs when an individual or a family is frequently unsure how they are going to obtain their next meal.  We have partnered with Ellis Medicine, SCAP, Schenectady County Public Health, the Schenectady Foundation, and the City Mission to address ways to reduce food insecurity in Schenectady.  One result of this effort is an interactive map of Schenectady County ( showing the location of the wide array of available food sources.  This map is intended to be a resource, for low income residents in particular, that identifies these available food resources (e.g., grocers, food pantries, vendors who accept SNAP benefits).

This interactive map includes SICM’s 2015 Summer Lunch sites (fixed and mobile stops), as well as current (as of May 2015) SNAP vendor locations in the County. 

Instructions:  The map includes a number of resource categories; there is a box labeled for each resource category at the top of the map.  Choose one or several of the categories and then click on the “RUN QUERY” box.  The map will respond by showing the total number of that type of resource in the County.  Clicking on “OK” will then display icons located on the County map according to the address of each resource.  Clicking on an icon will bring up descriptive information about that resource – name, address, phone number, days/hours of operation and other information as available.  There is also a “ZIP” box at the top of the map that allows the query to be restricted to a particular zip code.  (Note: you have to ‘unclick” the previous category before selecting a new one.)    

All resources that accept SNAP benefits are either included in the “SNAP vendors” category or have an asterisk after their name in the descriptive information box. 

You may access the link for this interactive map via any device that has a browser and can link to the internet.  This includes PCs, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.  The link .

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